i finally feel like my head isn't spinning quite as fast as it has the past few weeks. i went to training for the new job in colorado and they crammed our brains with so much stuff i felt like my brain had turned to mush. i was so thrilled to get back home after two weeks of being gone. what a great reunion; absence DOES make the heart grow fonder- ahhhh!

this week i've been doing my on-the-job-training with a fellow investigator and it has been ok. i was told on monday, first thing upon meeting her, that i "looked like i shopped in the juniors department" and wasn't "professional looking"; all the while i'm standing there in my anne klein shirt that i felt was one of my fancier shirts. let me tell you, i felt horrified because she told me before we went out to do anything i was going to have to go home and change- and she was coming with me because i clearly didn't understand what professional business attire was. boy, did the ghetto biotch in my want to come flying out and slap her! BUT i stayed calm, and promptly had a meltdown in the car as i left her house for the day. luckily i have a more-than-amazing husband who knows that retail therapy was the only way to get my self esteem back in check, and off we went to the store to get some more clothes! (have i mentioned how incredible my hubby is? cause he REALLY is!)

the rest of the week has been going better, i feel pretty confident in my abilities and am REALLY ready to be on my own and be able to make my own schedule rather than have to work around someone else's.

i promise i'll get back to posting more, right now i'm just trying to stay out of the fashionista's cross-hairs (this, the fashionista who wears zipper-front, short-sleeved collared shirts with **BRACE YOURSELVES** shoulder pads!!!!!!!!! she screams, i wanna be a linebacker!!) i guess that's how professional women dress. *cackles wildly*

we have friends coming in this weekend and we have quite the adventure planned with them, so pictures will be arriving on the blog soon! i hope you all are enjoying your summer! cheers to the sun and heat!

happy thursday, friends!


  1. Shoulder pads are NEVER okay. I'm sure you were fine-- all her comments should be negated due to anything zipper front (that isn't a hoodie) and shoulder pads. For sure.

  2. No, and shoulder pads in the late 80's--early 90's were just as hideous then.

    Glad your new job is working out so well (otherwise!)...

    LOVE your new design for the blog, by the way!


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