so, it's over....

this 4th of july 2010 and what a wonderfully quiet day it was for us in our household! we lounged, and chatted, and shopped for groceries and a tiny grill, and then we chatted more, and grilled, and stuffed our bellies, and chatted more. 

the hubby and i are trying to figure out this little life we are making for ourselves. the 'what if's' and 'how to's' and 'if this... then that's'.... are swirling around us like a tornado in texas (no pun intended... hehe) 

we have decided there are a lot of life decisions to be made... and today was the first day taking a step in the direction of MAKING a big life decision. *no, we aren't trying again yet.... and no, i'm not pregnant!* but we are taking a serious look at where we are and where we WANT to be in the next few years, 

and i have to say things look bright out there in the future we're looking at!

i can't let you in on any of our decisions just yet, but i'll be sure to fill you in as soon as i can! let's just say, independence day was a great day for this particular chat... and possible decision! 

have fun wondering... let me know if you have a guess! hope you had a wonderful 4th of july.

cheers, america!