it's a bug life.

bug life. as in things that are bugging me. this will be short and sweet. :) i promise.

so, when your kid is under the age of 16, there is no reason for them to have a birthday party that is themed for an adult- little tiny pastries and handmade favors for all of her friends will not mean anything to them at that age. go with something fun. something that she or he will enjoy- not one that will get you the best photography to post on your blog!!!!!! try not to make your BABY into a grown up.

on the same type of note. children, babies, small people in your lives DO NOT need mani pedis. seriously, what in the world are you thinking? if you paint your kids fingernails that's one thing, but when she's 4 and is getting a mani pedi at a salon, there is something intrinsically sickening about that. she's a CHILD. let her be a kid, let her play in the dirt, let her hair be messy, let her clothes get chocolate ice cream dripped down the front of them. LET HER BE A CHILD.

phew. i'm feeling better, how about you?

there is a shop on etsy (a HIGHLY successful one) that i absolutely adore and have bought patterns from. don't worry i won't name names. recently something happened to the shop owner's computer, as in it needed a major repair. i understand things happen at bad timesin regards to money and all, but this person who runs the shop had the audacity to ask for donations to fix the computer in the name of "paying it forward"!!!! you don't ASK to be paid forward. c'mon!!!! i found it completely rude and disgusting. even more so, this person has so many suckers that are her "fans"/"customers" that people sent her the money to fix the computer. i am appalled by this and find the "gimme" people of the world to be so disheartening. we are all struggling in this economy, and i don't think it's right to take advantage of people's good nature like this.

ok. someone just pulled the soapbox out from under my feet, so i guess i'm done ;) have a peachy thursday my friends!