our trip to germany pt.1

january 24th was a super exciting day for us- the movers showed up at our doorstep in colorado! the day was filled with packing and wrapping of our house and then packing it into a moving truck. the household goods would be taken to a warehouse, and then put into shipping container. the shipping container is one that is large enough for our entire house and my jeep, affectionately named poison ivy.

when the house was empty, we cleaned it top to bottom and crashed for the night at a friend's house. (we're so luck to always have a place to stay with them- aren't good friends the best?!) after a short night's sleep, we hit the road headed east by way of kansas. 

let me tell you, eastern colorado and western kansas are some boring places to drive! wow... they seem to never end! the only saving grace is in a little town called colby in western kansas. i'm sure you're wondering what is in colby kansas that could make it so amazing.... starbucks, of course! the only one for miles and miles and miles! 

we pulled into my old town of leavenworth kansas after a long 9-ish hour drive and were greeted by our good friends hans and suzie. we lived near them in japan, and i went to high school (many many) years ago with them. so fun to see them- especially because we love love love their adorable daughter and were so excited to see suzie's baby belly! yay for new babies- 2012 seems to be the year ALL of our friends are pregnant! 

chris had a blast playing under the table with hannah... and showing her magic tricks- oh boy was she all giggles! to much fun! the poor thing got sick right before bed, but felt much better in the morning. she woke us up in the morning and proclaimed, "you're so pretty when you wake up!" she knows the way to my heart!! hehe. we were sad to say goodbye, but knew we had to get going.

we climbed back in the car headed to elizabethtown kentucky to my parents house! check out the photos of the first part of our trip below! :) more tomorrow!!

xo, gg

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