so, as i write this our house we JUST bought in august is being packed up around me. once again, for the 3rd time in 2 years, we're moving. this time it's back overseas, to germany. this is the reason for the title change on the blog! (update your links!) i feel like a gypsy moving around so much, so i'll be known as the gypsy girl now! 

we're very excited, but a bit anxious as well- how do you pay for a new house and a mortgage at the same time?! yikes. we haven't found renters for the house yet, so for a while it'll be nice and empty. luckily we have the most wonderful family friends who will be keeping an eye on it for us. 

each time we move it's a cleansing experience for me. new location, new friends, new adventures. it's all fresh and clean. i love it. we get rid of all the junk we've been carrying around for entirely too long. it's a refreshing change. 

we are getting rid of our phones in the coming days, so we'll be able to check email only when we find a wi-fi connection. (again, it'll be refreshing to not be tethered to the phone as per my usual!) i've also decided to give Facebook a break for a while. i need to do some soul searching, and being connected to fb all of the time doesn't really allow for that. don't worry though, you'll still get updates from me via the blog, and twitter (i might allow myself a little time on pinterest too!) and you can always email me (shocking, i know! ha!). 

when we get to the other side we'll let you know and once we get set up with our new address, we'll send that to everyone too (you know, there are these things called hand-written letters.... just saying') *wink* when we get our household goods shipment, i'll be getting the shop ready to reopen asap, so i'll keep you all updated on that also! yay! 

take care, and keep in touch! xoxo, gg