i'm working on catching up on what's been going on since we arrived in germany. check out the slide show of february!

february is when we arrived in germany. we were lucky enough to be able to stay with chris' coworker while we looked for a place to live and got in-processed and settled into life overseas. it was bitter cold when we arrived in germany, and that weather continued for the entire month. i thought i was going to freeze completely through!

we started to learn our way around, well, i learned my way around- chris isn't good with directions! ha. i started running even though it was miserable being so cold. i did find some great trails and neat things to take photos of, like the wet road shot and the piles of logs. running really is amazing!

we had a nice italian dinner for valentine's day at a great restaurant in weiden. little did we know we'd soon be living in weiden, right down the street from the restaurant. the food is authentic and so full of flavor. lambrusco was a nice touch to finish off the meal. yum!

one of our favorite things was to go to the local grocery stores and taste all of the goodies that were new to us. this was not a nice thing to do to our waistlines, but it sure was fun. we're still paying for it in workouts in june! yikes.

february was also a time to find a place to live. we went and looked at a few flats and were stunned to find one where you had to walk through the kitchen to get to both the only bathroom and to the master bedroom. uncool. plus that one was bright purple and about 20 yards from a railroad track! then another one reeked of cat piss and the real estate agent told us the price listed online was for german citizens... and that the 'american' price was 300 euro (375 dollars) more a month. boo. then we found a flat that only showed a photo of the kitchen, we weren't sure, but gave it a try. and bingo! we found the perfect spot. more on that later!

hope you enjoyed february... i promise i'll catch up ;) xo, gg