craftaholics anonymous gift exchange

i decided to once again participate in the craftaholics anonymous  gift exchange. this is my third time participating and it has been fun all three times so far. this iteration is a bit different because you have 2 partners- one you make a gift for, and one making a gift for you. i'm not sure how its going to work as i haven't really heard much of anything from the person making something for me... but we'll see. i finished my gift today and thought i'd share it with all of you since my partner doesn't know who i am- i've only asked her lots of questions :) (we had the option to be a secret, like secret santa, or to tell the person who we are!)

my partner mentioned she has a tough time with organization and loves beachy-lighthouse type themes. i thought i'd put the two together and make some nesting baskets for her to use for organizing. when i think of a beach house i always think blues and creams, so that's what i went with. i really hope she likes them!

if anyone is interested in me making some for your house, please feel free to message me at makendesigns@gmail.com. they can be made in any sizes and colors... with or without handles!

thanks for stopping by! xo, gg