georgia on my mind.

after spending time with my family, our trip to germany continued further south to my sister's house. she and her husband are dual military and live about 8 hours south of my parents. we crashed at their place for the night and then headed off to savannah georgia super early the next morning to drop our car at the port.

the drive from kentucky to georgia is one i've made quite a few times now. I-65 takes you south through nashville, one of my favorite towns of all time, and then up and over the mountains of southern tennessee into georgia. it's a beautiful ride complete with awesome skylines, waterfalls dripping down the stone-faced mountains and lush forested areas.

driving from where my sister lives to davannah isn't the best drive because you have to do all kinds of twists and turns through rural georgia, read: hickville, usa. i'm certain there are more pecan trees than there are people who live in the middle of the state! nevertheless, we saw some beautiful sites on our way- including an awesome sunrise and subsequent sunset on the way home!

little-known fact: when chris and i got married, we spent the weekend in savannah. it was february, and normally would have been nice mild weather... but, we got the special "coldest weekend in the history of savannah" weather. it was so cold i thought i was going to freeze to death walking down by that water! yikes. we had a wonderful time staying in an adorable bed and breakfast though! we even ate at paula den's restaurant! so much fun.

i hope you enjoy my photos from our trip! xoxo, gg