runnin' down a dream...

that never would come to me... thinking becomes difficult when the world clouds you with pop culture, reasons you should 'eat this cereal' and 'drink this milk', people telling you what's best for your life, and let's face it, life itself is pretty convoluted. there are moments of clarity as you wade through the forest of 'do this' and 'think that' ~ all of a sudden, you feel as if you fell down the rabbit hole into a wonderland; surrounded by colorful mushrooms, talking rabbits, cheshire cats, and the sound of the queen yelling, "off with their heads!" i think i may have stumbled upon my rabbit hole, and i'm heading down the swirling path into a wonderland of my own creation... i'm runnin' down a dream. im goin' wherever it leads.... and... this time it's going to come to me.

for as long as i can remember there's been the question hanging over my head, 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' honest answer was always: i don't know, i'll figure it out along the way. smartass answer: i'll never grow up, so i guess it doesn't matter! both of those were an easy way to change the subject and not worry about it. i started taking classes in hopes of eventually having a teaching degree. just finished the first two classes and six months of teaching ESL.... i already know that i'm not in any way interested in teaching young kids. not my cup of tea, so to speak. i have been thinking a lot about what i'm going to do now and i've decided to go with my strengths and see where they lead me. here is my criteria i will not yield to in my future career:

1. i will be in the business of helping people.
2. i will do something that keeps me active.
3. i want to be happy with my job, always.
4. i will not allow anyone to walk all over me.
5. i want to be happy with my job, always.

i think i have finally figured out what all of this thinking, and searching and finding has brought me to, other than just a brief glimpse of my wonderland! i want to focus on coaching, health, and fitness in my life. it makes me happy. i always feel good. i can motivate other people. i can be healthy. most importantly i can be happy doing it, and that's what i want for my life. so here's to you finding your rabbit hole and not being afraid of where that psychedelic swirl takes you... here goes nothin'! i'm runnin' down a dream....

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  1. Oh Courtney, physical health sounds so perfect for you! My sister in law got certified as an aerobics instructor, and it's been the best thing she's done for herself. She has good hours, health benefits, and her kids get to play at the gym for free! Yay. I hope there are good opportunities for you in this field in Austin. People are always trying to get skinny. :)


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