i've been thinking a lot lately about potential. i thought i'd share my thoughts and see what all of you think.

i've been on a few job interviews lately, all with the same company, but different people. all of them told me one way or another that they saw some serious potential in me. potential i didn't think i necessarily had-- er, um, do i just not realize i have it. growing up your parents always encourage you by saying, "you have so much potential, you just have to use it...." or some such philosophical sounding blurb like that. but my struggle is this:

what the hell is my potential.... how do i find this mythical unicorn called potential... and how do i use it?! seriously, do i ride it??

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i recently met someone for the first time at a social gathering. i had no idea who this person was, and just started talking to them. we chatted about the food, the great weather, and what i did for a living. in approximately 15 minutes of talking to a mere stranger, this person also saw my "unicorn".

i'm seriously baffled by this. i believe myself to be pretty intelligent, i've made myself into a career woman by doing things my way (aka dropping out of college and joining the army), and i have some pretty killer street smarts after time in a war zone.

how do you know when you have reached your potential? is it a tangible thing, or is is a feeling of fulfillment in your heart? or is your potential ever-changing as you progress through life?

these are the thoughts and questions that have been weighing heavily on my mind lately. i'm so curious to find out your views on potential.... ahem, unicorn.

ps... is this unicorn the mythically looking creature above? or more the candy coated colorful sparkly variety below? *wink*

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